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2018 O'Cannabiz Conference & Expo


Through June 8-9, 2018, Bulldog Fire & Security attended the O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo at the International Centre in Toronto, Ontario.  This event focused on the fast-growing cannabis market in Canada, exploring the latest regulations, industry standards, and best practices for medical and recreational cannabis.


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At Bulldog, we have seen the impending legalization and regulating of cannabis in Canada dramatically increase the number of special dispensary and production operations throughout the province.  As a result of the incredible growth, and the evolving guidelines of Health Canada, many production businesses are scrambling to determine their security needs and grappling with these complex guidelines.


O’Cannabiz Expo

The O’Cannabiz Expo consisted over of 150 vendors, including Bulldog Fire and Security.  The vendors included large scale producers like JWC, Aurora, and AgMedica, as well as consulting companies like Hyde and Associates, and equipment suppliers like Zortech LED and Homegrown Hydroponics, just to name a few.  With such a diverse list of exhibitors, we were amazed and the depth and growth of this industry over such a short time.  In speaking with the many delegates that stopped by our booth, this was one of the best cannabis expos in the province!



Although we did not attend the conference portion of the event, the quality of presenters was very impressive.  From the opening keynote speaker, Steve DeAngelo (Arcview Group) to the likes of Pranav Sood (Trellis), Nick Jikomes (Leafly), Danny Timmins (MNP), and Sherri Altshuler (Aird & Berlis LLP), there was no shortage of information for attendees.  The speakers covered a wide spectrum and topics so, there was truly something for everyone and no shortage of important information for attendees.


Upcoming Events

If you missed O’Cannabiz, don’t fret.  The show will be coming to Niagara Falls as the “Grow Up Conference and Expo” from September 7-8 at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre.  As at O’Cannabiz, Bulldog Fire & Security will be at this event and we are very much looking forward to continuing to grow with this incredible sector.  Be sure to stop by our booth to say hello and speak to us about your fire, security, or monitoring needs.

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Understanding Complex Medical Marijuana Security Needs

The impending legalization and regulating of cannabis in Canada has dramatically increased not only the number of special dispensary and production operations but, the rules that govern them as well.  As a result, we are seeing many production businesses scrambling to determine their security needs and grappling with the complex guidelines provided by Health Canada.  Like many other facilities that handle sensitive products, medical marijuana security requirements are quite extensive.  It’s crucial that marijuana growing facilities utilize proven experts to handle their facility’s security needs.  The Bulldog Fire & Security team has an in depth understanding of:

Because this is such a new field, it’s critical that businesses work with legitimate and experienced security solution providers to ensure that their business meets all requirements.  Bulldog Fire & Security have worked with partners in this industry for several years and have completed numerous facilities.  Our knowledgeable staff will work with your consultants and contractors to build a customized solution to protect your facility from physical break-ins or digital invasions to your information networks.  We offer a variety of solutions and services including:

  • Access Control – ID cards and key fobs work along side card readers allowing you to manage and monitor access to your facility and specific areas within it.
  • IP Video – A combination of interior and exterior cameras will allow you to monitor your investments, record data, and protect your products and employees.
  • Integrated Security Systems and Fence Perimeter Intrusion – These systems detect and alert you of events such as intrusion or fire.  A well-designed system will work to protect your building and its inhabitants in the event of danger.
  • ULC Listed Monitoring – Our in-house ULC listed monitoring station will provide your building with 24-hour coverage alerting you and the authorities of any alarms or emergencies.
  • Data Comm & Structured Cabling – We offer a complete end to end certified Networking solution for all your IT structured cabling needs for computer terminals, scales, and wireless access points.

Each project we undertake begins with full review of your site and operations in conjunction with your consultants and contractors so that we can design the perfect solution for you.  This collaborative effort is part of our dedication to working with you every step of the way to ensure that your facility is compliant so that you can get your business up and running quickly.  This collaboration will include:

  • Threat Risk Assessment
  • Security Site Plan
  • Security Floor Plans
  • Separate Secure Storage Security Plan
  • Description of Security Plan
  • Detailed Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Resume of Suitable Quality Assurance
  • Security Background Checks

Regardless of your security needs or facility size, Bulldog Fire & Security has the expertise to navigate the complex needs of your medical marijuana operations.  We pride ourselves on using innovative, cutting edge technology to build customized solutions for our customer’s unique businesses.  For over 18 years, we have specialized in security integration, quickly garnering a reputation for quality work, innovation, and excellent customer service.  As a result of the efforts of our professional staff, and the success of our clients, we have established ourselves as innovation leaders within our industry.


To find out more about Bulldog Fire and Security, please call 1 866 670 1590 or email to speak to us in person. 



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